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Not for nothing, the American Indians quenched their thirst with cashew long before the Portuguese arrived in Brazil – you just have to cut the cashew into slices to let the abundant juice flow. After the fruit fermented, it became a sweet wine and it never left the glasses again. The cashew liquid is used in the manufacture of juice, soda, liqueur, honey, wine and the famous Cajuína.

The Cajuína is a typical Brazilian northeastern drink that gave the name of the song written by Caetano Veloso and it is produced mainly in the Brazilian states of Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão.

The Cajuína was created in the state of Ceará by the pharmacist Rodolfo Teófilo at the begging of the 20th century and it is registered in the Commercial Board of the State of Ceará.

Natvita invested on the technological innovation and, in partnership with Embrapa – the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – developed a method in the production of Cajuína, in its physical process, using a ultrafiltration membrane, excluding the gelatin, and obtaining a product with no animal protein, 100% vegan and natural.


Organic & Traditional Cajuína

310ml | 500ml

No food additives

No sugar added

100% Organic Cashew Juice

Organic Cajuína

Traditional Cajuína

Traditional Cajuína

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