Our mission is to study, appreciate and spread the gastronomic culture of every place in Brazil.

Our happiness is making the mix among Brazilian tastes and flavors of every place in Brazil.

Our reason to undertake is promote the interaction of the abundant Brazilian gastronomic diversity.

De Cada Canto um Canto offers to you the result of an effort of study and discovery of the most delicious Brazilian foods, with special focus on the Amazon and Northeast cultures.

The Genuína Cachaça com Jambu comes from the Amazon. Jambu is a small plant that is a fundamental ingredient in the Brazilian state of Pará menu, like the Duck in cassava juice sauce, Cassava, shrimp and Pará cress broth and Pará rice. Besides that, Jambu has nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic properties.

The Cajuína, a cashew juice, comes from the Northeast of Brazil and it is consider as a typical drink of the Northeast, produced and consumed in Ceará, Maranhão and mainly, Piauí, where the drink is considered a cultural heritage of the state and symbol of the Teresina, capital of the state of Piauí.


With our products, and its tastes and origins, we also offer you the knowledge and the know-how from the Amazon region.


In a world that is increasingly worried about large-scale production, we respect sustainability and social responsibility.

Our customers are looking for products that have history, diversity, sustainability and social commitment.

“Make a customer, not a sale.”

Katherine Barchetti

We are the official representatives of the delicious of the brands

Genuína Jambu, Meu Garoto and Natvita